Bicycle mechanic explains why gloves are required for bicycle accidents

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A bicycle mechanic in San Francisco says he doesn’t use gloves to protect himself and his customers, but he says he does use them because of the potential of the accidents that occur on the road.

Joe Kudryashvili, a bike mechanic who runs the Bikes for Better Bicycles workshop, says he rides his bikes as a hobby and doesn’t wear gloves.

Kudryass hands and fingers are covered in grease and oil from working on motorcycles, and he says if someone was to fall off, he wouldn’t be able to get the bike repaired.

But he says that the more he rides the bike, the more aware he is of the dangers and the risks.

Kudries hand is covered in oil from riding his bike, and a few months ago he started wearing gloves, he says.

“You know, my hands are a little bit more fragile.

I can break them,” he says, referring to his hands.”

It’s my job to help out people who have problems.”

But the more bike accidents he sees, the less he likes the idea of using gloves.

“I’m just not comfortable with that,” he explains.

“They have a very low impact and it’s very, very painful to wear gloves, but it’s also a lot less of a hassle.”

He says the gloves he’s wearing protect his hands from scratching the leather and the rubber on his handlebars.

“The more I wear gloves the more they become my responsibility, not mine,” Kudrys says.KUDRYAS’ CHILD: ‘My dad is going to be fine’Kudrys believes wearing gloves could make his dad’s life a lot easier, and the more time he spends on the bike the easier it will be for him.

“If I’m riding my bike, I know I can feel my father and I know that he’s going to ride his bike.”

So if I’m going to wear a helmet and I have gloves I can do that, too,” KUDRYS explains.

But Kudyss father says his father has never had an accident on the job and he has always used gloves when he was riding.”

He’s always been very cautious,” Kudays says.

And if the accidents do happen, he’s prepared.”

The Bikes For Better Bikes workshop in San Diego has a new mechanic on staff who is working with Kudreys dad. “

He’ll just get up, get his helmet on and go and ride it.”

The Bikes For Better Bikes workshop in San Diego has a new mechanic on staff who is working with Kudreys dad.

He says he will be using gloves for the first time when he returns from the East Coast next week.

“As soon as I get back, I’m planning on getting gloves on and getting out the glove box, get my helmet on, go to work and I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life,” Kudiys says, smiling.


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