An Indian engineer was awarded a mechanical engineering PhD from US after being awarded the US equivalent

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An engineer from India has been awarded a Mechanical Engineering PhD from the US after working for the US Department of Defense.

The Indian engineering graduate has been working in the Defense Technology and Industrial base for nearly 10 years, according to a Google news report.

The graduate is the third Indian engineer to have been awarded the Mechanical Engineering degree at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, according a Reuters report.

The first was Dr. Rajesh Pandey from Hyderabad and the second was Dr Rajesh Ravi from Bengaluru.

In a statement, an AIADMK spokesperson said the award was based on an evaluation of the applicant’s performance in the academic environment.

“We are very happy with the work done by the applicant, and we are confident in the overall development of the joint venture,” the spokesperson said.

“He has been doing his job well and has achieved very high marks in the subject of Mechanical Engineering.

The award is a recognition of the very high quality of the work that has been done by him,” the statement added.

The US Army’s Mechanical Engineering program is a joint venture between the US Army and the US Defense Advanced Technologies Agency (DARPA), the US government agency responsible for developing technology and military hardware.

The program aims to prepare graduates to be better engineers than their peers in the US and abroad.


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