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New Nintendo Switch video shows off new controls

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – The new Nintendo Switch console and the latest gaming-themed video game in the franchise are among the highlights at the New York International Game Developers Conference, which kicked off on Monday.

The event was one of a series of events in the United States designed to showcase new games, services and tech.

The Nintendo Switch will be the company’s first new console since the Wii U, which launched in 2007.

The first major game released by Nintendo in the new console is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which was shown off by Nintendo at the event.

It will be available on the Switch at retailers starting on March 6, 2017.

Nintendo said Mario Kart has become a “global phenomenon” with more than 60 million registered players worldwide, with more on the way.

The game is the third Nintendo game to hit the Switch, and is based on the Mario Kart franchise.

The Nintendo Switch has a range of new games available for free to download.

Nintendo is offering “Kart 7”, “Karts for Kids” and “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” for free, as well as a free Mario Kart Arcade Edition with the game.

It also is offering free downloadable Mario Kart The World Tour, and free downloadable Pikmin 3 for the first time.

The game also includes “Nintendo Land,” a new online mode that lets players unlock the game by earning coins, and a new “Star Tiles” mode that allows players to design their own characters with a selection of themes, including Mario, Princess Peach and Link.

It is the first Nintendo title to include Star Tiles.

Nintendo also said it will introduce a new service, “Jump” to the Switch console.

This will allow users to jump on a ship and take it to their destination, as they would in the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario Kart.

Nintendo announced its first video game line-up, featuring Nintendo games such as Super Mario Run and New Super Mario Bros. U, as part of its annual “Nintendo Showcase” series.

Nintendo is also launching a new game, “Wii U Pro,” in 2019.

This game will launch for the Switch in the U.S. in spring 2020, and be available in Japan later that year.

Nintendo will also debut “New Nintendo 3ds,” a gaming handheld that will be priced at $199.99.

It has the same features as the Nintendo Switch and will also include the new Joy-Con controllers, a digital controller, and the ability to play games on the go.


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