What you need to know about rk, the mechanical pulley and what it means for the future of manufacturing

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By now you’ve probably heard about rK mechanical, a new mechanical pulleys manufacturer that promises to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

While the company was founded in 2014, it hasn’t made a product yet.

But that may soon change.

The company has released a new video showing off its new product, the Mechanical Advantage Pulley, and you can watch it for yourself below.

The video starts out with a short introduction by founder and CEO Jonathan Gulliver, who explains the company’s goal of bringing back manufacturing to a manufacturing landscape dominated by large, complex robots and large, complicated machines.

The new technology has the potential to make manufacturing a lot less labor-intensive and to eliminate the need for complex robots, Gullivers company claims.

The Mechanical Advantage pulley uses a small pulley, called a “flexible pulley,” to compress and compress air.

Gullivans company claims that it can compress the air around a piece of metal, like a car’s dash, up to 20 times faster than conventional pulleys.

“Our Flexible Pulley technology makes it possible to compress air by up to 70 percent, so you can put your car on the road in seconds without the need to remove the front end of your vehicle,” Gullive says in the video.

“When we say ‘fast,’ we mean it.

That’s faster than most of the existing mechanical systems, but also far faster than the current industry standard.”

Gulliver’s company is also working on a robotic arm that can be programmed to pull and push on metal plates, making the company much faster and cheaper to produce the pulleys and the other components that make up the robotic arms.

Gullivings new system will work with both standard and custom components to make the pulley much faster than existing robots and machinery.

“The Flexible pulleys will be able to handle more complex materials and the Flexible System will be designed to provide greater strength than traditional mechanical systems,” GULLivans VP of Operations and Engineering Michael Wiegers says in a company blog post.

“We believe our new technology can revolutionize manufacturing, but we need your help to bring this technology to market.”

According to Gulliving’s company, the company is now working on the first batch of Flexible Advantage pulleys, and the first units will be ready for commercialization sometime in 2019.

The Flexible system will be used to manufacture everything from the brake pads of a Formula 1 race car to the pullets of a tractor.

“It will be incredibly easy to program, simple to install, and will be very cost effective for our customers,” Gully says in his blog post announcing the Flexibility Advantage pullets.

The company is currently in the process of securing government contracts to test and produce the first Flexible PULLEYs for use in its Flexible Technology manufacturing process.

The Pulleys will eventually be available to the general public as well, but for now, GULLIVING is only working on its first batch, Gully told the Daily Mail.

“Until then, the only thing we can do is test the system and let our customers know about it,” Gliminger says in that same post.

The Pulleys are part of the company “AERO” project, which is led by Gullivering.

The project, called “Aero” is meant to help companies get off the ground faster by bringing together robotics, manufacturing, and materials experts.


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