Which is the best car for your cat?

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A new poll has revealed which car is the “best” for your dog, but the answer is “the one that isn’t a car”.

The survey of 1,000 Australian pet owners revealed that a majority of respondents had a cat that was “very good at driving”.

“The cat that is good at walking is the one that can drive very well,” one pet owner said.

The poll was conducted by online service CarInfo, with results of 2,000 responses from across Australia.

“There are many cats out there that do not drive,” the survey found.

Some people were more than happy to trade the cat for a car.

One pet owner, who did not want to be named, said her pet would love a car that was less than $100,000.

While it was true that some people said they would be willing to trade their pet for a new car, the poll also revealed that many of them did not really like the concept of owning a car at all.

A few pet owners said they preferred to keep their cats at home, while others said they wanted to be “super pet-friendly”.

“It’s a very personal thing for me,” one of the survey respondents said.

“If it was a car, I’d love to be able to go on a camping trip with my cat.”

The survey also revealed some of the most common reasons for wanting to leave the cat at home.

For one, it was common for people to want to take their pets out for walks, which was a common pet activity.

Another common reason was that people said the cat was causing “a lot of noise”, as well as having “too much of a problem” with litter boxes.

And, the survey revealed that people often felt it was best to have a cat “with the best temperament” to be a companion to their pets.

It also emerged that a significant number of pet owners wanted their cats to be kept in their home. 

“The cats that I keep are really well behaved,” one respondent said.


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