Why does your dog hate diesel?

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The answer is diesel engines.

Diesel engines, also known as “diesel trucks” or “diesels in trucks,” are designed to burn diesel fuel and are often used for transporting crude oil.

It’s a highly inefficient fuel, with a fuel consumption of about three times as much as gasoline.

That’s why some owners of diesel trucks like to put them on their cars.

In the United States, a diesel truck costs about $2,000, and diesel trucks make up about 15 percent of the vehicle fuel economy.

“The diesel trucks are not just a fuel for cars,” says David L. McElroy, a professor of mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

“They’re also used for the transportation of heavy machinery.”

You can buy diesel trucks in many U.S. states, as well as overseas.

But in Canada, you can buy a diesel-powered vehicle with no diesel engine at all.

That vehicle, the diesel pickup, is about the size of a large pickup truck, and it’s considered to be the most environmentally-friendly diesel pickup available.

It uses a hybrid engine, and the fuel consumption is about 40 percent less than gasoline-powered trucks.

The diesel pickup is a relatively small truck, weighing about 35 pounds.

And unlike a gasoline-engine pickup, the vehicle can operate without the use of a diesel engine, McElry says.

“It’s not just for people who don’t want to pay more for diesel,” he says.

And it’s actually the most efficient diesel-driven pickup in the world.

And the more people who drive diesel trucks, the better off the world is, says McElray.

“If we had an efficient and environmentally-responsible diesel truck, the world would be much cleaner than it is today.”

The diesel truck is a great solution, but what about all the other options?

“The truck is very efficient, but the real problem is you have to get the diesel truck to market,” says McElvay.

And there are a number of other diesel pickup models on the market.

In Canada, for example, the popular Ford Fusion is a diesel pickup that uses a diesel hybrid.

“In Canada, there’s a Ford Fusion, and that’s a diesel vehicle,” says Kevin McCarty, executive director of the Canadian Automobile Association.

The Fusion is powered by a diesel turbocharged engine, which uses up a lot of fuel and generates a lot more emissions than a gasoline engine.

It has a diesel exhaust system and a diesel fuel filter.

And with its low emissions, it can get around most Canadian emissions limits.

“We have very, very, low emission vehicles that we have to be careful about,” says McCarty.

The Ford Fusion has been around for more than 30 years.

But for the last decade, Ford has been pushing the Fusion out into the U.K., where the company has been making its Fusion hybrid and Fusion R models.

Ford says it plans to bring its Fusion pickup into the United Kingdom in 2019.

And in Canada and the U and Australia, Ford says the Ford Fusion will soon be available as a diesel or diesel hybrid with no fuel economy, with an emissions rating of less than 1.5 grams per kilometer.

McEvais says the pickup’s low emissions makes it an excellent choice for small- and medium-size households.

“For families, it’s a great option,” he said.

“I have a family of five people and they have four of them on the truck, so they can’t drive a diesel.”

What’s more, he says the fuel efficiency of the Fusion is so low that the average family would only need to buy one vehicle, as opposed to three cars.

The average American family is about three people.

And that’s assuming they don’t own a second vehicle.

The fact that you can get the Ford pickup in Canada without owning a second car is good news for Ford, but it’s not necessarily a big deal for those of us who drive conventional cars in the U!

Ford says that the Fusion R will be coming to Canada in 2019, but that it’s still in the works to expand the range of Fusion R trucks to include more cars.

“Fusion R is a very powerful truck,” says Ford’s McEvale.

“With the Ford Fusions, the Fusions have more torque than any other truck on the road.

But if you’re going to have a bigger range of the Fuses, you need a bigger car.”

Ford says in the future, the Fusion will be a hybrid-electric vehicle, and McEvillas is optimistic about that.

“Because of the efficiency of fuel economy and the reduction of emissions, the Ford pickups will become an even more sustainable and efficient vehicle than the Fusion,” he adds.

And because it’s electric, it has no need for a gas-fueled engine, meaning it can run on hydrogen instead of gasoline.

McElfvas says the Fusors range could


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