A new weapon for the Pentagon: The AirMech Repression Defense Mechanism

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A few weeks ago, the AirMech Defense Mechanisms were featured on the cover of a military magazine.

And, they’re just a small part of the new Defense Department’s $8.5 billion repressors.

The AirMech repressor is a $8 billion machine that can be configured to perform three tasks: attack, defend and repair.

The machines are the work of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, the two companies that have designed and built them.

They’re the latest in a series of weapons systems the Pentagon is spending money on.

Last year, the Pentagon spent about $1 billion on weapons systems that can repair or defend the Pentagon, such as the air-to-air missiles that have been used in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The Pentagon also has the Advanced Repair Toolkit, which can repair aircraft systems that have broken down or had other problems.

The AirForce has the C-130 Hercules, which carries spare parts for other aircraft.

The repressers are not new.

The military had them in the early 2000s, and they’ve been used to repress rockets, missiles and other weapons systems.

But they’ve become more common since then, and Pentagon officials have said they’re better suited to repair or repress things like artillery shells, artillery rockets and other munitions.

“The AirMine Repressor was developed in response to the current crisis in Iraq, where Iraqi and Kurdish forces have been using rockets and mortars to attack the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki,” the Air Force said in a statement.

“The Air Mine Repressors are capable of repressing a range of munitions, including rockets, mortars, mortared weapons and small arms.”

The AirForce said the AirMine represser was designed to use high-speed magnets, which the Army called “faster than air to penetrate concrete, rock, and concrete-hard surfaces.”

The Army said the machine was able to penetrate a variety of armor plates, as well as “hard-to-, hard-to-‘sink’ targets like steel and concrete.”

The machine is a combination of two existing machines, the “AirMech Repression” and “AirMine Repression.”

It can be used to attack a target at up to 5,000 feet and then repress it for about five minutes, according to the AirForce.

It can repress a projectile at a range up to 3,000 meters.

The machine can repulse projectiles up to 20 meters.

It has a maximum range of about 7,000 yards.

The repressing mechanism is designed to work with any ammunition or explosive, and can be attached to an armored vehicle or other vehicle.

The Army also said it was able with the AirMeter Represser to “counter mines and other threats.”

“The A-Mine Repressor was designed specifically for use against ballistic missiles and anti-armor munitions,” the Army said.

“Its high speed and ability to repulse munitions provides a great counter-measure to the increasing number of munitions and ballistic missiles that are now coming from Iraq and Syria.”

The Pentagon also announced in January that it was investing about $2 billion to modernize the weapons systems, including a $1.2 billion upgrade of the U.S. air defense system.

It said the repressions would allow the air force to deploy new weapons faster, and the Army would be able to deploy a new artillery system faster.


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