Conservatives in trouble in North Dakota after state GOP wins gubernatorial race

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Conservative activists in North Carolina are fighting back after the state GOP swept all the races in the state.

Democrats won all of the House seats in the Republican-leaning state, but won control of the state Senate, and Republicans are set to hold a special election for the vacant seat of Attorney General, who resigned last month.

A local Republican activist told Fox News that “the Republicans are in the driver’s seat in the North Dakota Senate race.”

“They have the power of veto power over a lot of bills in the Senate, so it’s really important for Republicans to work to ensure that they are not in charge,” said the activist, who identified himself as a Republican.

North Dakota Republican Gov.

Jack Dalrymple announced his resignation, telling the state Republican Party that he would step down after winning a majority in the legislature.

“My commitment to the people of North Dakota has always been to work with them and give them a fair chance at the future, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve them,” Dalrys said in a statement.

He called the outcome of the race “a historic moment for North Dakota.”

North Dakota Gov.

Rick Snyder also resigned following the election.

In a statement, the Democratic National Committee said the results were “another nail in the coffin for the Republican Party’s pretense of being the party of law and order.”

A Democratic Senate candidate in North Dakotan told that “Democrats have done a lot more to help the Republican governor than they have done for North Dakots voters.”

“The Democrats have done far more for the Republicans, and it’s time for Democrats to step aside and let Republicans get on with their job of making North Dakotes people and jobs a reality,” said candidate Kim Jones.

She said Republicans are taking the “law and order” mantra of President Donald Trump “out of context” to say that they’re “against white supremacy and racism.”

“It’s a farce,” she said.

“The only reason I’m running for office is because of the law and I want to protect people from the law.”


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