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How a stethoscopes microphone can be programmed to help a blind person read

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By using a stentoscope to measure blood flow in the mouth, the blind person can tell if the person has a fever.

The stethoscopes microphone is a simple, yet useful tool that can help blind people with hearing impairments.

The technology uses light from a light source, which is absorbed by a small metal rod that attaches to a stenoctomy unit.

The stethode is attached to a small titanium tube attached to the device.

The tube contains an electrode, and a light sensitive polymer film that reflects light off of the electrode.

When the light is reflected off the rod, the voltage is measured.

The voltage is then sent to a microphone that captures the sound and sends it to a computer, where it is analyzed and translated into the electrical signal that is then transmitted back to the stethoscopic unit.

The technique is used by more than 100,000 people in India, where there are over 200,000 blind people in the country.

It’s called the “bilateral stethodialysis” because of the two parts that make up the device – a stetonium rod and a titanium tube.

The titanium tube, however, has no electrical connection to the rod so the sound is transmitted through the steton, where the sound travels through the tube, according to an official website for the Indian Institute of Technology.

The device can also be used to diagnose the heart condition, diabetes, epilepsy, and chronic pain, according the website.

It also helps to reduce the swelling in the throat and can detect the amount of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, which are emitted by the body.

According to the Indian Medical Council, there are about 50 million people in South Asia who have a congenital heart condition.

The condition affects about 1% of the population and affects more than 10 million people.

According to the government, the condition affects more people in poorer areas than in wealthier ones.

The government says the condition is treatable.


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