University of Michigan students learn how to make prosthetic arms

Posted by admin

University of Detroit Mercy students are learning how to construct prosthetic limbs using computer-aided design software, according to a new video released on the school’s website.

The students created the prosthetic arm using an Arduino board that has been programmed to be able to handle small movements and create a 3D model.

The students also made the prosthetics using a digital drawing program that allows the students to create custom shapes and colors.

“I hope that these students are inspired to use their creative abilities to create new types of prosthetic devices that can assist with mobility and assist with rehabilitation,” Dr. Eric Kranz, dean of medical sciences, said in a statement.

The video, which was posted to the schools website, shows the students making the prostheses using a variety of materials and a variety.

The video was uploaded on Monday and the students’ work is already receiving attention on social media, with many people praising the students for their creativity.

One person who commented on the video on the social media platform said, “theres no better way to celebrate a new generation of inventors than to create something for someone else.”

Another user said, “[I]t was really fun to see these students make something from scratch.

Theyre doing amazing things and I’m proud of them.”

Students at the school were encouraged to create the prosthesis by a group called The Bionic Workshop, which offers hands-on training in digital fabrication and digital fabrication techniques.


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