What to know about the Logitech mechanical keyboards in 2018

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Logitech has released a new mechanical keyboard, the MX100.

The MX100 is designed for gamers, photographers, engineers, journalists, and other creative types who need a gaming keyboard for work, and is an ideal option for gamers looking for a gaming mouse or keyboard that’s easy to use, compact, and portable.

The keyboard is a mechanical layout that uses the MX Cherry MX keys instead of Cherry MX Brown keys that were popular in previous MX models.

It’s an upgrade from the previous MX100 that had an all-metal body and no keycaps, which meant that you couldn’t attach a controller.

The new keyboard also comes with a mouse pad and a dedicated gaming pad.

The mechanical keyboard is priced at $149.99.

The mouse pad comes with five different colors, including a matte black one that’s good for casual gaming.

The gaming pad is the MX300 which is a good option for those who need more of a tactile feel.

The company says that the MX30 is a great gaming mouse, but you might want to look into the Razer Hydra 2 and Razer Deathadder.

For more, read our review of the MX50.

The Logitech MX100 will be available in August for $99.99 and is currently available for pre-order.

The next Logitech keyboard is the LogiMax G400, which is the same keyboard we reviewed in 2018.

This keyboard has a mechanical design, but it’s not an all metal design.

It comes with Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Red keys, which makes it a good keyboard for gamers.

It also comes in five colors, which means you can get different combinations of colors.

The G400 is priced around $150.00 and is available in early 2018.

The previous Logitech G400 was the G500, which was released in 2018, and has an all black body.

It was a great keyboard for gaming, and it’s a good choice for those looking for gaming mice or keyboards.

The current Logitech is the G600, which has a black body, but a matte finish, and a matte keycaps.

It came with Cherry Red and Cherry Red MX keys, so you can’t attach an accessory to it.

The main difference between the G400 and the G1000 is the size.

The size of the G1200 is about 2.8 inches tall and has a 5-pointed blue switch.

It weighs 5.5 ounces.

The larger G1200 comes in six colors, and they are available in matte black, matte black with a matte-black keycap, matte-white, matte white, matte grey, and matte grey with a glossy finish.

You can check out more reviews of the new Logitech keyboards.


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