When the air conditioning is on and the wind chill hits, this is what you need to know

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The weather in Rome is a bit chilly, but there is still plenty of sun for the players to watch their game.

They are also playing in an artificial field, which has a large glass dome for the fans to sit in.

In the second half, Juventus were unable to get past Sassuolo, and the game was suspended for a second time due to the wind, with the referee telling the players they could not play.

However, the players were not going to take this lightly and, after a brief pause, started to play the ball in the air.

The ball hit the glass and bounced up into the sky.

The wind was very strong, the wind was whipping and the glass dome was shaking.

I could hear the glass cracking.

The wind was so strong, I could see the air coming through the glass.

The glass was so shaken, I couldn’t hear the whistle.

It was a very, very, intense moment.

It is very important that the wind doesn’t blow through the windscreen, because that’s a very dangerous moment.

The ball was a goal and went in the net.

This is how the players scored the goal.

The referee told the players not to let go of the ball, and they were able to continue playing the game.

This was an incredible experience for me.

I don’t know the words to describe it.

The atmosphere is amazing, the fans are unbelievable, and we are able to play a game at a very high level.

It’s just incredible.


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